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Best protein bars 2022: Boost your energy on-the-go

When it comes to convenience and taste, nothing beats the best protein bars. Getting enough protein from whole foods is always the best way to fulfil your daily requirements, but it may not always be an easy or feasible thing to do. These handy snacks provide an easy way to top up your protein intake — even when life gets busy.

Unlike the best protein powder, you can easily carry a protein bar around in your work or gym bag, and there is no need to invest in the best protein shaker either. Most of them contain anywhere between 15g and 30g of protein, which is what you can get from a 100g serving of chicken breast or a 150g serving of tofu. What’s more, protein blends in protein bars tend to have a great ratio of amino acids (protein building blocks), which may not always be the case with food sources.

What the experts say

Gareth Nicholas, head performance nutritionist at Maximuscle, says: “Protein bars offer a great tasting, confectionary style treat, whilst being nutrient conscious. They’re often low in sugar, low to moderate in fat, high in protein and high in fiber. It’s a treat but without the cheat!” 

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