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Best air purifiers 2022: Top picks from Levoit, Dyson and more

The best air purifiers can help to improve the quality of your indoor air, helping to keep you comfortable and healthy even in high-pollution areas like cities. Not only are air purifiers great for general home and self-care, they can also help to support those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions by trapping pollutants before they can cause irritation. 

What the experts say

“Most portable air cleaners can filter particles from the air, and some can filter the small particles of greatest health concern – those that are smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter. There are also air cleaners that can filter both particles and gasses. The longer the air cleaner runs, the more air it filters.” – Ernesta Jones, the Environmental Protection Agency

According to Dr. Deborah Lee, a medical doctor and spokesperson for Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, air purifiers can be an important tool for good health, particularly for those with asthma. “In a 2004 American study of 937 children with atopic asthma, those who used a HEPA filter had significantly fewer asthma symptoms during the 12-month study period, as compared to those who did not,” she says. “There were also demonstrably lower levels of allergens such as house dust mite and cockroach allergen detected on the bedroom floor in the treatment group, and furthermore, these lower allergen levels correlated with clinical improvements in asthma.”

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