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Dutch DJs Basicz and NoTune to ‘pull out all the stops’ at Freaks of Nature in Riyadh 

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s homegrown boutique music festival Freaks of Nature is back for its latest edition this weekend in Riyadh.   

Set to take to the stage at the two-day open air music festival are Dutch DJs Basicz and NoTune, returning for the second time to perform in the Kingdom.  
“Our last visit to Saudi Arabia was an absolute blast. The warmth and hospitality we received from the people there were incredible. We’re really looking forward to experiencing that again. Moreover, being a part of this concept that’s shaping the music scene in Saudi Arabia is not just exciting, it’s an honor. We’re genuinely thrilled to play a role in shaping the future of music culture in this country,” said the duo in an e-mail interview with Arab News.  

The two DJs – who also have robust careers as solo artists – enjoy the collaborative process of working with each other.   

“Collaborating has been a ride. Since the early days of our careers, we’ve been creating music together. It’s been an amazing journey that’s allowed us to build a unique musical connection,” said DJ Basicz.  

“When we’re in the studio or up on stage together, it’s like we have this unspoken understanding that makes the creative process flow effortlessly. It’s not just about making music, it’s about pushing each other to new heights. We challenge ourselves to explore uncharted territories and blend our strengths to craft a show that’s not just diverse but also emotionally resonant.”  

While NoTune tends to gravitate towards the darker and more adventurous side of techno music, DJ Basicz likes to explore the industrial and raw aspects of the genre.   

“We’ve realized that our diverse approaches let us serve up a rich and layered experience for our audience,” said DJ Basicz.  

For their upcoming show at Freaks of Nature, taking place over Oct. 5 and 6, DJ Basicz and DJ Notune are “pulling out all the stops.”  

“We are curating a set that not only fits seamlessly with the other talented artists on our stage but also promises to take the crowd on a wild ride. We’re throwing in a few surprises and that signature energy that’s become our trademark. It’s going to be a unique experience, a musical journey that you don’t want to end,” they said.  

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