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Best disaster movies: volcanoes, asteroids, and man-made calamities

As humankind races against the clock to save planet Earth from global warming before it’s too late (spoiler: we’re already in a bad position), it’s sometimes good to revisit the best disaster movies that show us just how special our world is — revealing why we should do everything in our power to preserve it and not forget that nature is in charge. We’ve put together a list (in no specific order) of the best disaster movies to watch right now.

What can we accept as a disaster movie? Well, they have to tell stories about natural catastrophes, unfortunate disasters or humankind toying with forces they don’t fully understand. However, many of the movies which could fit the bill take place in outer space and deal with threats that could affect more than just planet Earth (2007’s Sunshine is a good example), so we’ve decided to leave out those and have instead focused on disaster movies in the classical sense.

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