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Best running watches 2022: Find your next essential workout aid

Push yourself to reach new heights with the best running watches, which are bursting with technology that’s designed to help you run further, faster and for longer. You can keep track of all of your essential fitness statistics with these watches too, from your heart rate to your stress levels, and even use them to send messages and make calls; this is what classifies them as a smartwatch when it comes to the differences between fitness trackers and smartwatches.

If you’re looking for a premium piece of technology to help you excel on your fitness journey, then a running watch is the investment you’ll want to make, rather than one of the best fitness trackers, which purely track data such as your step count. Having key metrics at your fingertips can help you to study your exercise performance in detail and therefore help to shave time off your next run.

What the experts say

A good running watch not only lets you know how far, or how fast, you’ve been running, but it gives you a whole range of insights that you can use — along with your awareness of your body — to guide your training and monitor your fitness progress. Kieran Alger, ultramarathon and marathon runner and fitness editor.

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