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Best adjustable dumbbells 2022 | Live Science

The best adjustable dumbbells can take your exercise routine from flat to effective, whatever your fitness goal. They’re space-savvy and cost effective too, which is why we think these home workout (opens in new tab)heavyweights make a great addition to any home gym. 

You see, even in its simplest form the humble fixed weight dumbbell allows you to perform hundreds of weight training (opens in new tab) exercises, working nigh-on every muscle in your body. Adjustable dumbbells take this versatility to new heights, allowing you to switch between a range of weight settings with a twist of a dial or push of a button. The benefit of this? The dumbbells on this list offer up to eight pairs of different dumbbells, all while taking up the same floor space as just one. Pair a pair with a piece of cardio kit like one of the best treadmills (opens in new tab) and you’ll have an enviable home gym set-up at your disposal. 

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